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Home inspection for real estate transactions

Why should you trust us to advise you on the biggest investment of your life? The answer is simple; we inspect like we are buying it ourselves.

First, we want to be safe. This means we look for dangerous wiring, mold, asbestos, blocked furnace flues, water heater safety valves, vermin infestations, broken steps, unsafe decks, flammable dryer vents and those types of items.

Second, we want to be stable and sound. This includes a good roof, level floors, solid foundation. Crumbling chimneys, termite eaten structural supports, door and windows that provide some protection from weather and intrusion, attic insulation, and ventilation are all evaluated closely.

Then we want our stuff to work. Is the hot water tank leaking yet? Does the heat and air conditioning work? What happens when a toilet flushes and someone is in the shower? Can we easily add more electrical circuits as our family grows? Will we need new appliances as soon as we move in?


What happens when it rains? Where does the water go? Has the house flooded in the past?

There are hundreds of questions we can answer for you and while we can’t totally eliminate the risk in buying property, we can help reduce it.

Experience matters. We use a lifetime of skills learned to clearly communicate in a report that details the safety, operation, and condition of each component of the home.

We love to talk about home inspection, and we would love to answer any questions you have about the process. Call us anytime.


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Mold inspections for residential and commercial buildings

Mold concerns everyone. There’s so much conflicting information out there about dangerous exposures and health impacts. We bring clarity to the noise; clear, authoritative, sensible guidance on how to deal with this frightening contamination of your home.

There are only five states that require mold work be performed by a license contractor or consultant. New York is one of those five. We are licensed to perform full assessments by NYS on any size project. You can rest assured we can guide you through the process quickly, effectively, and legally.

Your family’s safety is our primary concern. Living in an environment where there exists a high concentration of mold, either seen or unseen, can severely affect your entire life.

We provide no cost phone consultation to answer your questions about this confusing subject.

Aerial site inspections utilizing drone technology

We started using drones to inspect roofs. Then we started using drones to get a better look at commercial property sites, storm damaged areas, insurance claims and school campuses.

We use the latest technology in image stabilization and post production editing to get the view you need.

Our Drone Pilot is FAA certified for commercial sUAS flights (means we are legal and insured to fly over your property and charge money for it).

Whatever the need, if we can fly over it, we can photograph or HD video it. The demand has grown so fast we put up a dedicated drone site to educate and help you see what’s possible. Check us out over here: www.havendrones.com


Commercial building inspection for investors

An opinion before a purchase can sometimes help avoid a disastrous investment. We can provide a complete walk through, safety, operation, and condition report for any size property. Fully documented with photos showing visible defects and condition concerns.

We utilize the NACHI standards of practice for commercial property inspection to give you a better understanding of your next investment. All commercial inspections are completely customizable to the client’s needs, as part of the inspection we can retain any trade specialist needed to render opinion on any mechanical or structural component.

Water damaged property investigation

Water breeds contamination, controlling that contamination is where we can help.

Even a little water can do incredible damage to your property, finding the source, stopping the flow, and then evaluating the damage can be a difficult job.  We evaluate by standards set by the leading restoration industry ANSI accredited organization, considered to be the “final word” in damage restoration.

Inspecting, testing, evaluating and providing solutions, this is our business.


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Age in place home inspection

As we get older, most of us hope to be able to “age in place” in the homes we have lived and raised families in. Our parents feel the same. But as we age, we are at greater risk for in-home injuries as we become more prone to falls or other accidents. Many of these falls can result in serious injuries, such as head trauma and hip fractures.

Haven helps seniors remain safe in their own homes by providing an inspection focused on identifying potential accident areas. We will offer solutions on how to make simple home modifications that will help us age in place for many years in our homes.

Rest assured, we are expert inspectors and we are all members of NAIPC, a national organization that is devoted to helping seniors age in place by providing continuous background checks, education, regulations, and best business practices to help us help your family.

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