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Microbial remediation

In New York State, the law requires mold remediation professionals to work with licensed mold inspection and testing firms when performing any kind of mold removal project.  Many licensed mold inspection companies do only that – confirm what you already know.  Haven goes beyond that to provide you with complete start to finish oversight of the project.  We inspect, evaluate, test, prepare a work plan for the contractor, estimate what a contractor should be charging you, review the plan with your chosen remediation expert, and inspect during and after for compliance.

We perform no less than 4 testing methods for molds.  Each of these methods give us insight into the severity of the problem, which we clearly communicate to you and use as the foundation of a plan for remediation.

Call us anytime to consult with a licensed mold assessment professional about your concerns, we are here to help.


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Environment Project Support and Verification

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Water damage restoration

Water is the most destructive force on Earth.  Especially when it is somewhere it shouldn’t be in your home or business.  We have seen the stress, anxiety, and pain caused by water damage to your property.  We are experts (literally experts – see our about us), in planning the drying and restoration work that follows a water disaster.

There is a science to recovery.  Your insurance provider will want you to perform initial emergency procedures to prevent further damage, then a full evaluation of the damage and an estimate of costs to complete drying and removal of damaged property.  We speak your insurance company’s language and we can communicate what they will need to know; what’s damaged? how damaged is it? how will the drying be measured?  how will we know it’s dried?

We work with contractor partners across NYS that speak the same language we do- we can bring a team of experts to assist quickly in times of disaster.

If you’re having water damage happening right now – STAY SAFE!  Water and electricity do not mix!  Call us for help with what you should do first.

Property damage cost estimates utilizing Xactimate software

We provide Xactimate estimating services to businesses and individuals in need of submitting property damage claims to insurance carriers who require itemized, detailed breakdowns in this specific software format.

We can help if you are a contractor that only occasionally has a client that needs restoration and repairs, and you need to quote work at current insurance market rates, which fluctuate monthly, seasonally, and geographically.

Most estimates under $10,000.00 can be created for a flat fee, and those larger projects can be done on a small percentage basis.


Post construction air management (LEED v4) compliance

We can effectively work with your LEED partners to deliver the IAQ credits for certification.  Performing the “flush out” is a critical step before taking air quality samples.  We can size the equipment to the space and hit the targets for air changes per hour needed to clean the particles, VOC, formaldehyde, and other post construction contaminates from the building.

Call us to discuss how we can help you achieve your LEED building rating.

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