Home Inspection Prices for Spring 2017


Many Clients ask for pricing as a way to choose a home inspector, not the first criteria I hope.  Price always comes up sooner or later so I've published our price list here for reference.  As with most things in life, a detailed discussion of the expectations should take place before hiring a home inspector, including us.  Use this as a guideline and starting point in your decision making.


Home Inspections

Basic NYS Home Buyer Inspection


Age in Place Home Safety Inspection for Seniors


Seller Pre-Listing Inspection


Property Damage Inspection and Consulting

Quote per Project


Environmental Inspections

NYS Mold Assessment (Residential)


Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

$50/per sample

Energy Rating, Asbestos and Lead Testing

Quote per Project

Radon Testing



On our site we have a complete listing of our services and detailed explanations of each.  Every project is unique and every client has different needs.  We understand and are here to help you through a small part of the biggest investment you may ever make.

Every call for a home inspection, EVERY SINGLE ONE, that our company has performed has been after there is a purchase offer already in place on a property and the clock is ticking. The home inspection has to get done, and it has to get done RIGHT NOW! If there is any single most important piece of advice I could offer, it would be this:

Get your home inspector lined up when you are in search mode.  Discuss what you are doing, your time frame, and ask questions, send him (or her) pictures of things you see as you tour properties that you need explained or want an opinion on.  If your home inspector is too busy to spend a little time offering help, or can't answer the questions you need answered, you have plenty of time to "interview" other inspectors.


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