CNY Realtors: Share with your Sellers -5 tips to help prevent mold from growing in the attic- and wreak havoc on the sale.



Home inspectors are seeing as much as 40% of the attics they inspect for buyers in Central New York contaminated with mold. Research from Blance Evans at REALTOR. ORG estimates 50% of homes affected. Nothing derails the deal as fast as the “M” word showing up on the inspection report.

As a realtor, you will probably encounter this situation this coming year. Make your clients aware of this and offer a pro-active solution. In most cases Mold cleanup and the correction of the underlying cause in attic space is fast, easy, and inexpensive.

The five best ways to avoid having to deal with it in the first place are:

  1. Make sure the soffit and ridge vents are working and unobstructed.
  2. Make sure the bath vents are connected to roof or wall vents with sealed venting tubes
  3. Keep the home interior at 50% relative humidity or less.
  4. Cut down that tree that is overhanging the roof.
  5. Insulate the attic floor to slow down the heat loss into the attic space.

Of course, the first thing the seller should do is go look in the attic and see what’s there, and then call you for guidance.

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